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What is CIBIL Score?

CIBIL Score or Credit score is your three-digit financial number starting from 300 till 900 which is considered as a financial wealth score which is derived from taking your credit history in consideration.

Silver Membership is one of the essential tools for everyone who want to access their financial profile as CIBIL Score is the utmost mandatory thing for anything be it Credit Card approval or for Personal Loan, Car Loan. Business Loan or any other borrow requirements. Silver members can quickly check the most updated Credit Score at LoanAstra with super ease.

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Benefits of CIBIL Score?

Credit Health

Keep you updated with your current financial health.

High Amount Approvals

Healthy Credit Score will lead to better loan amount approvals.

Fast Approvals

Healthy Credit score will lead to seamless fast approvals.

Wide Product Scope

Customers can apply for Credit Card, Personal Loan, Business Loan with healthy credit score.

How CIBIL Score process works at LoanAstra?

Why Silver Membership Card?

Credit Report is the first and primary requirement from all the financial institutions to understand your credit health and we at LoanAstra helps users to be updated with the recent CIBIL Score with us.


We are an official partner of CIBIL/Equifex which is an authorized CIBIL report from all the banks.


The report generated by LoanAstra will be exactly the same which you will be accessing at CIBIL and other portals.

Paper Work

We hate long documentation and long waiting with so many to-and-fro communications.


We charge at the minimal to share the updated reports as compare to other authentic portals.


We are here for you to understand your Credit Report and there to help you to optimize it and to make it much better to avoid rejections

Eligibility Criteria for correct CIBIL Score Update?

  • Resident Status / Nationality

    Anybody who is Indian resident as well as Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) can check their credit history.

  • Age Criteria

    Anybody who is above 25 years till age of 65 years can check their credit score.

  • Individual/Self-Employed

    Both individuals as well as Self-Employed customer can check the Credit Score with us.

  • Personal Details

    Exact & correct customer Personal details for correct CIBIL score.

  • Financial History

    Anyone who has financial history i.e. Bank Loans, Credit Cards etc will be able to see a Credit Score from 0 – 900.

Documentations Required for correct CIBIL Score Update?

  • KYC Details - Individual & Self-Employed KYC details.
  • Income Details - Salary & business income details.
  • PAN No - Correct PAN numbers linked to the customer.

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All you need to know about CIBIL/Credit Score

The Credit Score actually comes when Credit Information Companies (CIC) collect the records of your financial liabilities like loans and credit cards which are given by the banks and loan provider companies as this is a mandate by RBI. Basis on the records and credit analysis these CIC runs their own algorithms and define a particular Credit score for individual.

Below are the mandatory personal details to generate an authentic and accurate CIBIL score-
  • • Your Registered Name with Banks & other Lenders
  • • Your Registered Phone Numbers with Banks & other Lenders.
  • • Your correct Date of Birth.
  • • Your accurate PAN number matching both above required fields.

Although, the Credit Information Companies (CIC) generates a score ranges in between 300-900 but a person can have 0 credit score as well and cannot have any Cibil score due to no financial history.

The maximum CIBIL score has been assigned is 900 from Credit Information Companies (CIC).

Any CIBIL score more than 700 is considered to be a good CIBIL score to apply for Credit Cards or any Loans. It further depends on different Banks as what is their benchmark to consider a customer is eligible for loans or other offers.

If you don’t have a CIBIL score or if you struggle to have a good CIBIL score then it is not good sign in your financial profile. But anyone can improve CIBIL score over a period of time and by following all the guidelines for a better credit score and few of the tricks are:
  • • Timely payment of your liabilities like Bill payments of your Credit cards, Loans etc.
  • • The lesser unsecured loans you have active, the better your credit score.
  • • Proper utilization of your approved credit limit from different Credit Cards you possess.
  • • Create Credit history by choosing a different form of credits (Credit card, loans).
What will the frequent checking on CIBIL score will affect your profile? There are basically two type of Credit check enquiries which are called as Soft & Hard enquiries.
  • 1. A Soft enquiry is one when a customer itself checks its CIBIL score from different companies and that usually will not have a negative impact on your history.
  • 2. Whereas, a Hard enquiry, which is generally when a Lender or Credit Card issuer request CIBIL to check your credit reports.
Multiple hard enquiries by different lender shows a behavior of seriousness and doubt over financial profiles and that can hurt your credit score.

Any Bank which issues you a Credit Card or any lender who gives you different kind of Loans or your financial needs are the one who ask for a good CIBIL score.

There are multiple benefits to have a healthy CIBIL score and few of them are:
  • • Better offers for your needs.
  • • Easy approval when Loans needed.
  • • Better interest rates on loans.
  • • Good limit on loan amounts.
  • • Pre-approved and tailor-made loan and card offers

What are the different CIBIL score ranges defined by Credit Information Companies (CIC)?

There are different CIBIL score rages defined by Credit Bureaus which are as follows –

CIBIL Score Range   Definition
NA/NH   The NA/NH stats that “Not Applicable” or “No History” which means you haven’t taken a loan or used a credit card and have no credit history
300 – 550   This is the initial range of CIBIL score and it is not considered as good Credit score and there are less chances you will get any approval for Credit Cards or Loans in your profile. A poor credit score identifies you as a high-risk borrower who may turn into a defaulter
551-649   This CIBIL score is considered as a fair score and stats that there are some pendency at your end against your credit card bills or loan accounts.
650-749   If your CIBIL score comes in this bracket then it is considered a decent score. It shows that you are good with your bills payments and other lenders can give you a good offer for your future needs. With good credit behavior and disciplined repayment habits, take your credit score up.
750-900   This range is considered as excellent score and it gives an impression to lenders that you have paid all your dues and on the time with your payments. In this bracket you will have higher chances changes to have better loan offers with good interest rates.