How does LoanAstra Work?

LoanAstra is a venture with a sole aim to help our beloved borrowers who are struggling to:

  • Find a best Loan provider.
  • Worried about big documentations.
  • Afraid of Rejections.
  • Worried about long waiting, so many back & forth in application.
  • Worried about customer support and bad customer experience.
  • Lack of knowledge about Interest rates and best possible options with low interest rates.
  • And to many more hassles and hurdles in to the loan application and disbursal process.

We are here to help all those customers and to make this Loan application journey smooth and easy and to make them worry free to avail the money in their difficult times.

What we do?

LoanAstra is an online platform that provides our customers with financial products services such:

  • Help to check updated Credit/CIBIL Score
  • Apply for immediate Short Loans
  • Get best offer for Personal Loans
  • Top lenders for Start-ups providing Business Loans

We connect borrowers with lenders to help them get benefited with the best deal available in market. Our lending partners are NBFC banks, major PSU, and private sector banks. We are complete digital platform where we avoid physical documentation with our smart product based online forms and their direct connectivity with our lending partners to avoid time and efforts. We are technology enabled platform where we offer an open-API model for banks and NBFCs to partner with them through a plug-n-play approach.

Why should you choose LoanAstra
for your Loan Worries?

When it comes to banking system, one should be very proactive and cautious and while selecting loans it is very vital to know the processes, documentations, dos and don’ts and that is where LoanAstra comes in picture to help all the customers to make the personal loan journey is easy, comfortable and hassle-free. Why you can bang on us.

Lender Selection

We work with Top lenders in the market who are rated A+ by fellow customers.

Success Rate

Approval rate is something which does matter for us and our customers.

Paper Work

We hate long documentation and long waiting with so many to-and-fro communications.


We aim for the lowest documentation & loan processing charges to give maximum

Digital India

We support digital India where we follow one time registration and job done.

Our Top Lenders