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How LoanAstra Work?

The process for Loan application is with LoanAstra is quick and easy. We have different membership plans for customers basis on individual requirements. Select the best suitable plan and proceed with them.

Silver Membership

Check your updated CIBIL Score

Silver Membership is our initial plan and the most required tool to check your financial health. Access your updated CIBIL Score with us in a single click.


Get Short Loans up to Rs.50,000

Our Gold Membership is designed especially for the customers who are need small amount to fulfil their short-term needs. Avail ShortLoans up to Rs.50,000 with less documentations.

Diamond Membership

Get Personal Loans up to Rs.15 Lakhs

Diamond Membership are there for the people who have decent job profile and earning good but they still need more money for their personal needs. Gold members can avail personal loans up to Rs.15 Lkhs.

Platinum Membership

Get Business Loans up to Rs.50 Lakhs

Platinum Membership is dedicatedly for the Business Owners and Self-Employed who need money to expand their businesses and they can avail Business Loans up to Rs.50 Lakhs.

How Does LoanAstra Work?

Who We Are?

LoanAstra is an online platform that provides different kind of services including Credit Score checking, Personal Loan and Business Loans to name a few. LoanAstra acts as a bridge between the customer and the lender where a potential customer can check the top rated Loan providers in market and their ratings and services basis of other customer feedbacks to make their decision to go for a particular lender. At the same time it is a great platform for Lenders to get more and more enquiries and to talk to new customer and convert them for their products. Few of the benefits to use LoanAstra as a medium are to avoid hunting for best lenders in market, to get worry-free documentations, to find out the top lender who has a good market reputation and who disburse loan quickly with less documentations and many other lucrative benefits in the financial market.

LoanAstra is not a loan provider instead a service provider and a bridge between customer and lender and we never commit for any loan to be disbursed or anything until unless a customer document checklist from the end lender.

To make the services and offerings more reasonable and affordable to our valuable customers we may receive fees / commissions from our lender partners.

LoanAstra is a registered property of Lxbr Technology Private Limited. We have collected some of the information displayed on our website from publicly available platforms. LoanAstra shall not be in any manner whatsoever, be held responsible for any reliance on the same.

LoanAstra was built with a sole purpose to help our customers to know about their financialcredit health, access them on timely basis, apply for different financial needs like Personal Loan or Business Loans. We work with leading CIBILI Score report providers like CIBIL, Equifax to give them the real time status of Credit Score which is accepted from majority of the Banks & Private lenders in the market. We act as a one-stop financial shop for all your credit needs and we make it easy for our borrowers to access our user friendly and easy web tools. We suggest our users to keep Credit Score healthy to avoid any rejections on their loan applications.

LoanAstra is one of India’s fastest growing digital Loan service provider where a user can do Credit Analysis and check updated Credit Score Online.

Why should you choose LoanAstra
for your Loan Worries?

When it comes to banking system, one should be very proactive and cautious and while selecting loans it is very vital to know the processes, documentations, dos and don’ts and that is where LoanAstra comes in picture to help all the customers to make the personal loan journey is easy, comfortable and hassle-free. Why you can bang on us.

Lender Selection

We work with Top lenders in the market who are rated A+ by fellow customers.

Success Rate

Approval rate is something which does matter for us and our customers.

Paper Work

We hate long documentation and long waiting with so many to-and-fro communications.


We aim for the lowest documentation & loan processing charges to give maximum

Digital India

We support digital India where we follow one time registration and job done.

Our Top Loan Provider Partners

Personal Loan FAQ’s

Personal loan application and process is very simple and quick as it doesn’t require any collateral from consumer.

Below are the few documents which lenders require from consumers –
  • 1. Your KYC documents
  • 2. Employee ID proof.
  • 3. Last three-month salary slips.
  • 4. Last three-month bank statements.

You can use personal loan for multiple instances like –
  • • Wedding expanses
  • • Foreign travel & holidays expanses
  • • Home décor needs.
  • • New Furnitures.
  • • Medical & Wedding emergencies
  • • And many more where you need quick money.

The salary ranges are actually differed from lender to lender and for better knowledge this will be available when you show your interest to the particular lender and they will share the requirement with you.

You can use personal loan for multiple instances like – Yes, it is always good to have a healthy credit score for fast and easy approvals. Few lenders ask for a Credit score of above 750. You can check your updated Credit Score at LoanAstra with ease.

Although, it again warries lending party to party but usually a consumer can have a maximum of Rs.25 lakh personal loan fulfilling all the lender requirements.

Personal Loan is one of the quickest loan available in market. You can check the quotes within 5 minutes with CreditBabu and once you are done with your comparison then it only takes 25 hours for the final approval meeting all client requirements.

No, this is the beauty of Personal Loan where the lenders are not asking for any collateral from you. Just give them basic documentation and they will issue the loan basis of your eligibility.

Yes, there are different provisions from different lenders and you can pre close your personal loan by paying the pending amounts.

There are three type of categories which can avail personal Loan facility –
Salaried Persons – These are the most common people who require personal loan and easily eligible for this.
Students – If you are a student going for Higher education or to make a big purchase, you can apply for a personal loan.
Retired Personals – If you are retired personal and still in need of extra money, you can take the personal loan.
Self-Employed – If you are in your own business and still in need of extra money, you can take the personal loan.
NOTE – Individual lender eligibility criteria & approval process is different, so check with them before making a decision.

Pre-approved personal loans are the amount which are already decided by your banks where you have your Saving or Current account and the creditors are already evaluated your profile basis on your financial payment history and your dues payments or no pendency’s. You will not have to go through the initial loan filter application and other basic formalities and you loan process will became shorter and easier.

Drop us a line at doubts@loanastra.com and we will get back to you at the earliest.